Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Need More Information About Link Equalizer?

Here is a step-by-step review of Jeff Alderson's new Link Equalizer.

Want it now?

What I will do is walk you through the entire process of buying and installing/using his new linking software as well as report the results that it brings (it's too new to have results, but I will update this blog in a few days).

Ordering: Ordering is through Clickbank and very easy as most are familiar with Clickbank's ordering process.

Setting up Link Equalizer: After you enter in your information you are re-directed to create your new Link Equalizer account which consists of a user ID and password. After you create that you are brought to a page that asks you some basic information about the website you want to input to get links to.

This is a very easy to use interface and asks for many different 'anchor text' phrases related to your websites target market. This is very good, because varying your anchor text is likely to improve your search engine positioning as the major search engines are now starting to penalize for having the same exact anchor text in all of your incoming links.

This is definitely a good quality for this software to have as it attempts to mimic the effect of having people 'naturally' linking to you. Think about it, if people naturally linked to you on their own WITHOUT you contacting them and asking for a link they would use different words to link to you.

That's the best kind of link possible to a search engine... one way links to your site with differing relevant anchor text (the search engine assumes it's because your site provides quality content so others link to it as a resource)!

Next, after you enter the basic info about the site your brought to the actual "Installation Instructions" which consist of 4 steps. These steps can get slightly tricky but Jeff does a good job walking you through the installation. I'll give you some specifics,

1. The first thing is that you need to be sure that your website can support your index page being executed as a php. Jeff tells you how to check, and what to do if it doesn't (mostly all do). There is some basic level of knowledge that you should have to do this yourself as you have to check and possibly edit your .htaccess file in your web directory. For me, I didn't even have a .htaccess file for this particular website I was using so I had to create one. It's easy to do and Jeff explains it but again, if you're not someone who can understand basic FTP info then you'll need someone to help you with it.

2. The next step is to create a simple shared page (php extension) on your web server.

3. After that you make 2 small changes to your website by inserting some code that Jeff gives you. It's simple cut and paste.

4. Finally, the last step is to create a new directory (directory is the same thing as a 'folder') from your root and open up the permissions on it to allow links to magically appear.

The software does not limit you to 1 website, you are allowed to add as many different sites as you like and your links will grow as this program grows. But with Jeff's reputation I imagine it's going to grow pretty quickly.

So all in all the setup is pretty easy but does require some basic FTP knowledge, and if this kind of thing scares you then plan on finding someone to do it for you (it would only take someone who knows what they're doing 5 minutes).

Support: So far his support has been excellent as with previous products. He emails you a Quick Start Guide with actual screenshots from the user interface that illustrate exactly how to go through the setup process.

Final Thoughts: We won't know how this program works until the links come in and the network grows, but if you get in on it now... as it grows your targeted 1 way links will grow, which means your search engine rankings will shoot through the roof.

Recommendation: I'll update this post with results when I get them, but overall I'm impressed with the program and I am confident that it's going to produce results.

So I hope you found this review helpful, and I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy before the price goes up as Jeff is running a special introductory price right now. Here's where you can get your copy,